Product Information Management

Maximise Digital Assets

Campaign helps companies maximise all their assets and points of sale to drive frequency, loyalty and lifetime value.  


For customers and agents, this means shopping and selling without any difference or limitations across the "channels". The middle ground is contextually relevant, brand consistent, engagement that covers the entire shopping journey and experience.

Save Money & Increase Efficiency

All of these benefits ultimately lead to greater cost savings and efficiencies across the businesses, greater engagement, greater customer engagement and profits.

Omni-Channel and Cross Channel Retailing and Wholesale

Single Source of all Product & Service Information & Speed to Market

Using AO’s InDesign plug in brochure,  flyer, newsletter and banner  production times can be significantly reduced by a factor of 10

Production becomes fluid: with right permissions changes can be uploaded from InDesign back into the Database as opposed to involving new departments

100% Customisable and Immediate Update to all Systems

Templates and products types are mapped out in advance

Automatic price population of publishing and marketing collateral

Automatic Preview for suppliers to check and verify that their data reflects the product.

100% consistency in Web, Digital, Brochures and Documentation.

Images can be formatted, resized automatically and  configured for all channels. Version control also shows where images are currently in use.