Why Choose Us

Customer Centric

We believe all revenue comes from the customer so we start by really understanding the customer, their journey and touch-points with our clients.

Marketing Driven

Marketing is about the best message, tools and media to activate customers to connect with your clients.

Practical Execution

Understanding the customer and the marketing discipline needs a practical execution-able plan with clear outcomes, responsibilities and timelines.

Our Team

Keith B A Stanley

Keith has over 40 years’ experience in business. Working with world-class brands and businesses such as Harrods of Knightsbridge, Argos Discount Stores, IKEA Furniture, Flight Centre Limited, Stella Travel Services and NRMA Group.


His global experience has had him working in companies with operations in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, South East Asia, China, India, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Keith's passion for the customer, marketing ability, drive and skill were key ingredients of his approach to growth and success.

His focus on consulting for the last 10 years has seen him work with companies such as Nestle, Avant, Tabcorp, Unitywater and many more.

Eileen Stanley

Eileen Stanley is a shareholder and active Director of Marketing Express. She has a long career in sales including running the merchandising division of Flight Centre Limited, which liaised with the shops and the company to provide everything from ticket wallets to uniforms and fit out of the shops globally with strong brand control.

Scott Wright

Scott has had over 25 years of working in various management roles. Many of these have been with Flight Centre Ltd in the areas of product development and managing the biggest supplier accounts. 

He was head of Airline contracts for 4 years which saw 60% profit growth year on year accounting for over one third of Flight Centre’s profits globally. He also was responsible for starting up novel new businesses, such as Global Fares which became the most productive business unit in the company.

In 2009 Scott was responsible for reviewing Flight Centre’s core technology platform (GDS) and after a 9-month RFP signed the most profitable deal in Flight Centre history. After taking some time to run his own tours and retreat’s business he was asked back to take on the role as Business Manager of the innovative program of change called Travel Shop of The Future.

Some of his more recent consultancy work has been for Spicer’s Retreat’s, Atira Student Living, and Learn Lomi Lomi.

Scott’s gift is in operational practicality and understanding people’s motivations and specifically how to work best with a broad range of personalities. He is especially passionate in seeing new ventures become productive and successful for all those involved.

Our Partners